Ten Excuses For Missing A Party

If you dont want to go to any party be it a Birthday Party or a Family Party or an Anniversary Party and need an excuse for it, we have had some of the best in line for you.

1) I have a Personal situation and I don’t think I will be able to make it up for the party. This excuse works almost every time because people find it ill mannered to ask about personal situations and thus you can use this excuse and no body will dare ask you what your problem is. This only fails in case of close friend or relative’s party or where we are too informal.

2) If personal situation fails then health matter will save you. Just say you have a severe headache, stomachache, flu or any other minor health issue which takes atleast a good night sleep to cure itself. Don’t take names of big diseases or conditions and embarrass yourself.

3) You can also say that you had a very urgent appointment with your doctor or with your dad/mom/grandparent’s doctor and can’t skip that today.

4) You had committed to your Parents that today you will help your young brother/sister in his/her studies.

5) You had a family dinner today and all your relatives are coming and it won’t be possible for you to skip the dinner for the party.

6) My boyfriend/ girlfriend has some important issue to solve today so I will be with him/her.

7) My boyfriend/girlfriend has planned a romantic dinner today, thus I won’t be able to make up for the party.

8 ) My young sister/brother is alone tonight at home and I have to be with him/her to look after him/her.

9) I have to complete an important assignment today and give presentation tomorrow morning.

10) Today my grandfather is celebrating his birthday and we are all going out for a dinner/lunch and thus I won’t be able to come to party.

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