Top Excuses To Keep Guests Away

If you wish that the guest should not come to your home because you don’t like his or her habits or for that matter for any reason use the excuses below :-

1. Hey! I would love to see you.But you know I got a new assignment and thus have to leave today for Florida.Sorry but I will call you once I am back.

2 We are having some serious issues in the town and thus all the new comers to the city are being investigated.So please postpone your trip. I am telling you this secret as I don’t want you to face any problem

3. I see some unknown faces on walls in dark so I am shifting to new place in 1-2 days.I will ring you up once I have the new house.

4. Actually I am suffering from a contagious disease so doctor has advised me to live alone for few days.

5. “Oh I’m sorry, how could I forget! I’m letting the house to a friend to film a movie! And they’re using my guest room.”

6. We would love to have you stay but the guest room just go fumigated and the man said stay out of it for a week sorry.

7. The ceiling of our guest room is leaking and we don’t have any spare room. But don’t worry you can come and we both will work and fix that ceiling.

8. We are having some serious problems with the electricity and sometime even the power cuts last for more than 12 hours.

9. I bought a new German Shepherd who is very wild ( Use this on people who are scared of pets)

10. My neighbors have 2 kids and they keep on shouting or messing with noisy things the whole day. I don’t want that you should come and suffer from that noise as you are a hypertension patient.

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  1. Amelia November 20, 2009 1:51 am

    I would love to use some of these – particularly number 3, ‘I see strange faces on the walls..’ 😉

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